Because of a camera system change


Because of a system change, I offer an underwater housing (with original delivery box) and this accessory:

  • 1x Seacam housing built for Canon EOS 5D Mark III (compatible with 5DS / 5DSR)
  • 1x Sports Viewfinder S45 (45 degrees – New version)
  • 1x Planport P120 (used bought) + Neoprene cap (I think coating)
  • 1x Planport P90 + optical coating + Neoprene cap
  • 1x Compactport (CP) 170mm + optical coating + Neoprene cap
  • 1x Macroport Fisheyeport Circular (FMP-C without sun visor) + Neoprene cap
  • 1x VACUUM test + Leak detector + Pump original Seacam (built-in)
  • 1x PVL25
  • 1x PVL60
  • 1x PVL20
  • 1x Zoomring for Canon 16-35 F4
  • 1x Zoomring for Canon 8-15
  • 1x Zoomring for Canon 8-15 + Kenko
  • 2x Moderad for Canon 5D Mark III
  • 1x Moderad for Canon 5DS/5DSR
  • 2x Flash arm base (not original Seacam)
  • 1x Wet lens holder by the company SAGA for Seacam Planport
  • 2x Neoprene bags
  • Seacam protective caps, sealing rings, grease and care oil

Three camera models can be used in the housing. Moderad is available for this purpose.
Seacam offers an update for this housing. With this update the Canon 5D Mark IV can be used with this housing.
The housing has two S6 flash sockets and a port for the vacuum system.

Pictures for sale: Please click on the link


The underwater housing and ports have small to slight traces of use on the bottom, handles and wet lens holder.
Technically, everything is in perfect condition and has never been flooded.
The wide-angle ports and the Planport P90 are flawless in the glass.
I bought the Planport P120 used. It has small defects in the glass. There are no errors in the direct line of sight of the lens. Thus there are no impairments when photographing.
I treat my equipment very carefully.
The housing was cleaned after every dive in fresh water and after the vacation in demi. Water cleaned, then wetted with care oil.
All O-rings were optimally greased and stored separately.

Special features:

The housing was retrofitted with an original Seacam vacuum leak detection system.


I sell this underwater system only complete!
My price expectations: 4300 Euro.
The new price is about 11000 Euro.

*** Sold ***

Please pay in advance or cash on collection.
The system can be picked up at my home (near Cologne). I send it also gladly as insured package.
Shipping only within the EU.

This is a private sale, therefore the exchange, the return or guarantee are excluded from me!

The goods are used, I am not a dealer!

If you are interested please contact me:


Many pictures with which I have successfully participated in competitions and held lectures have been created with this underwater housing system:

First link
Second link